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In today’s development era, competition is too much high as there are demand of new technologies and languages in every next minute. But the question is that which can be best or what’s not? To fulfill all web development requirements is bit tough to accomplish. Also choosing a latest and advanced technology directly impacts to cost and complexions of project. No matter, either its ASP.NET or PHP: every language and platform has their own cons and pros that directly effects to your business’s performance, its scalability and growth.

Let’s Discuss both to consider which one if more effective for Web Development

PHP: (Hypertext Preprocessor)

Open-source platform and best programming language to focus on web development and server end. Its rely completely on backend or server-side.

Main points to know about PHP:

  • Server Side Programming Language
  • Knowledge about HTML & CSS
  • Open-source, Free & Efficient Platform

Where to Use PHP?

  • To create dynamic content
  • Create, edit, modify the files on server end
  • Collect the all data
  • Used to Send & Receive Cookies
  • Add, Edit and Delete the Database
  • Data Encryption Performance

Benefits to Consider PHP:

  • Open-source Platform
  • Focus & Support complex database
  • Independent Platform
  • Rapid platform for Customized applications
  • No Extra code needed
  • Compatible with APACHE & IIS
  • Reliable & High Performance Platform


It’s an open-source framework that is used especially to build dynamic websites, web apps and web services. It’s also a server-side platform for web applications.

Components of APS.Net Framework:

Languages Used: C# &

Library: Group of standard class libraries, used for web applications.

CLR (Common Language Runtime): On CLI platforms, .Net codes and programs are executed and CLR works on all the garbage data and handles the exceptions.

Benefits of ASP.NET:

  • Server side technology to perform faster
  • Supports Web standards like XML & CSS
  • Assured about Safety & Security
  • Language-Independent
  • Easy to Deploy
  • Generate Dynamic Pages & Content with HTML & ASP.NET
  • Easy to manage & monitor

Development Differences between ASP.NET & PHP:

  1. Speed & Performance
  2. Tools & Editors
  3. Support & Scalability
  4. Performance Factor
  5. Encounter Issue & Fix Rate

Conclusion: Both the platforms are effective to work on your web development projects but initially it depends on your development requirements. You can hire a dedicated PHP developer to help you in your development needs as it will help you to reduce your costs and will save time as well.

Consult our experts for more information about PHP Website Development and to get better results for your development projects.

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