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Imagine building a website without needing to write tons of code. That’s the promise of low-code/no-code (LCNC) platforms – tools that let anyone create websites and apps with drag-and-drop features and pre-made building blocks. Sounds pretty cool, right? But with all this new tech, some techies wonder: will these platforms replace a professional web design company or web development company altogether?

Building Websites the Easy Way: What are LCNC Platforms?

Think of LCNC platforms like those build-your-own-furniture kits. They come with most of the pieces you need, and you just snap them together to create something functional. This makes building websites way faster, especially for simpler projects. A Web design company can use these platforms to take on more projects and get them done quicker, which means happy clients who see their websites up and running sooner.

Saving Time and Money

LCNC platforms can also save web design companies money. Because they don’t require a huge team of experienced coders, there’s less cost involved. This can benefit both the web development company and the client – the company can offer more competitive prices, and the client gets a great website without breaking the bank. Plus, some non-technical folks within a company can even use these platforms to build basic things, freeing up the web design team for more complex projects.

Why are LCNC Platforms Exciting for Businesses?

  • Faster Launch: No coding means quicker turnaround times. You can get your website up and running much faster than going the traditional coding route.
  • Cost-Effective: No need for a big team of programmers. LCNC platforms can be a more budget-friendly option for businesses.
  • Citizen Developers: Even non-techy people within your company can build basic features using these platforms, freeing up design teams for more complex projects.

But Hold On, Coders Still Have a Place!

While LCNC platforms are a neat trick, they can’t quite replace the magic touch of a professional web designer. Here’s why:

  • Customization: Experienced web designers are experts in customizing the clients requirements. They can create unique websites that perfectly fit a client’s specific needs. LCNC platforms, with their pre-built pieces, might struggle to achieve the same level of customization.
  • Speed: Web designers know how to make websites lightning fast. They can write code that makes sure everything loads smoothly and functions flawlessly. This keeps visitors happy and coming back for more. LCNC platforms, while good, might not offer the same level of fine-tuning for top performance.
  • Security: Web designers are security ninjas. They know how to keep websites safe from bad guys who want to steal information. This is especially important for websites that handle money or personal details.

The Best of Both 

So, what’s the future of web design? The answer might surprise you – it’s all about teamwork! A Web design company can use LCNC platforms for specific parts of a project, like building a basic user interface. Then, the experienced designers can step in and develop the core functionalities and make sure the website is super secure and runs like a dream. This way, clients get the best of both worlds: a cost-effective, fast website with the unique touches and top-notch security that only a professional web designer can provide.


Low-code/no-code platforms are a great addition to the web design toolbox. They can help companies work faster, save money, and even empower non-technical folks to build simple things. But they’re not a replacement for the expertise and creativity of a professional web designer. By working together, LCNC platforms and web designers can create websites that are both beautiful and high-performing, keeping clients happy and businesses thriving.

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