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In today’s mobile era, mobile designs don’t require any technical documentation or online help or tooltips as it can be designed easily with supplemental information. With tooltip, you can get supplemental information whenever you click on an icon, image and other mobile design elements that you require for mobile user interface.

“ToolTips have a feature of powerful design patterns that helps to enhance the design experience with additional information when users need it.”

With tooltip, you will get all the designing functions with proper context and appearance. Each icon will represent its purpose when you will click on it. It’s not tough to run even not for first time user. Any user can use it or manage with ease without any distraction. With better results of tooltip, you can get the great design experience.

Factors to Design Effective Tooltips:  To design seamlessly, you need perfect tooltip design that fits to your needs and this tooltip consider two important factors as mentioned below:

Perfect Timing:  Designs always need proper attention for best results with proper sketching and typing state. With perfect time, you can identify the complete process and can start design accordingly. This process will include generation of idea, design or sketch it and testing. This will complete your design perfectly.

Perfect Implementation: With increasing complexity of mobile apps gives a tough competition to effective designs. This can be challenging during the following states:

  • Context
  • Placement
  • Clarity & Brevity

Context needs checking, checking and rechecking during every tooltip. It might be confusing for first time user with its UX and UI design. It’s necessary because the confusion might create unclear context.”

Placement where the tooltips consider prominent factor that is easy to get but should not leave important information on the design screen.”

Clarity & Brevity is used to modify tooltips for better clarity and brevity. For better tooltips, it’s always better to make cut, cut & cut for clarity.


Tooltip simplify the mobile interface with its supplemental information to users while sketching, drawing and building prototypes. So if you’re looking for easy and better mobile interface then just go for it. In case of any help, be in touch with Digital4design’s professionals.

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