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There are around millions on mobile apps growing every year on Play stores – Google Play app and Apple app store. There are countless mobile apps about everything including business apps.

But do you how long it will take to develop a mobile app?

Time is an important factor for every individual especially for business owners. Usually to build an app, it takes approx. 4-5 months but it depends on many other factors that can proponed or postponed the development time of mobile app.

Factors that can impact the time-frame of Mobile App Development:

  • Quality
  • Budget
  • Creative Algorithm
  • Skills
  • Process
  • Assistance of Developer or Company

Apart from above factors, it also varies with the complexity of an app structure. Some people are lacked with the resources that also impact to development time or productivity hours. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t build the app rather you can get the best approach for its development so you can start with the first version of your app.

Backend processes takes less time approximately 10 weeks that works on server, application and databases. Rest it varies with the development stages as mentioned below:

Key Stages to Develop a Mobile App

  • Layout of Groundwork
  • Function, operation & attributes
  • Technical design & viability
  • Refinement & Piloting
  • Final Testing

Testing is an important part to determine everything in on perfect phase.


So usually timeframe of 3 -4 months is too much essential to develop a mobile app. Budget is too much crucial part of development that need to be consider on priority. It is the total amount that you need to pay for your app development. Also, you must know about your audience as only building a app can’t give you business. You should know your potential customers, their needs or expectations as this will help you to succeed your business app and generate revenue. To make it a perfect way, you should hire professional mobile app developers or you can get the assistance of Mobile App Development Company.

Digital4design is one of growing and leading mobile app Development Company to provide you consistent and dedicated mobile app same as per your requirements and within your budget. If you’re looking to develop your business mobile app, then you’re on right place. Be in touch with experts for your queries and get start right away.

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