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WooCommerce is an ecommerce platform and a plugin of WordPress that is development especially to run ecommerce websites with WordPress. Its launched in 2011 and become so much popular because of its integration, customization and installation process. Till now, it’s downloaded by 13 millions of users or developers.

It’s a cost effective solution for all startup and existing businesses. WordPress and WooCommerce both are open-source and free platforms but still it costs at some level for extra plugins and add-ons to enhance the functionality of an ecommerce store with WordPress website and these costs varies from business to business and client to client as per needs. But still it’s a good option to manage your development costs. You can develop by yourself or can hire a professional WooCommerce Development Company for effective ecommerce services for your online store. You can use both basic and advanced features to enhance the functionality of your website.

How much you will charge for your WooCommerce Website Development

  • Hosting Cost for an Ecommerce Store
  • Domain Name for Your Online Store or Brand for its representation on web
  • Business Logo Charges
  • Cost of WordPress Theme
  • SEO Plugin Cost (To make your website SEO friendly and to rank it at the TOP)
  • Security Plugin Cost
  • Performance Cost
  • Marketing Cost
  • Maintenance Cost

You can manage all the above costs easily and reduce some of them as per your choice like business logo, you can design for free and marketing costs you can manage by your own and yes maintenance costs as well.

WooCommerce is good enough for startup and small scale businesses and you can easily manage it and enhance in future as per your needs. You can add new plugins to enhance its functionality like payment channels, shipping options, shopping cart, delivery options and many more.

With the help of a professional Web Development Company, you can manage all the costs easily. Dedicated and professional developers can assist you in a better way and guide you about to reduce the development costs. It will save your time and costs both.

If you’re planning for WooCommerce website with WordPress, then you can hire Digital4design to provide you the customized business store as per your needs with complete optimization and performance process.

Get a free consultation today with our experts and get the best solutions for your business needs.

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