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Google Analytics is a powerful tool provided by Google to enhance overall success rate to any business either it’s small or large. Google Analytics consist overall factors to website and the traffic that is coming to it though direct or referral channels. It includes overall dimensions and metrics that help to define the exact position of business and to make further decisions to enhance its overall position and to boost the leads and sales. It is an only option to get the exact visual to your business.

You can prepare customized analytics reports for your business along with the factors you need to know about like overall visitors, traffic(either its direct or referral), Leads, Sales or Conversions, Active Users, Bounce rate, Visit Time, Clicks, Paid or Organic Traffic, Traffic Channels (Either its through SEO or Social media or any other channels) and many more. You can design it as per your own choice. Apart of that you can use it date or month wisely and can schedule it as well. Google Analytics Customized report is the overall combination of dimensions (Location, Browser, Timezone) and metrics (Clicks, Active Users, Sessions, Page Views, Bounce rate etc.) that you want to include within the report and can position these factors within the report as per your choice. Also, it’s necessary to add at least one dimension and one metric within the Google Analytics to get report.

Customized Analytics reports are of three types:

1. Explorer Customized Report: Basic structured report that includes the basic factors line graph and basic dimensions and metrics.

2. Flat Table Customized Report: Here you can all the sorted dimensions and metrics data within the table form.

3. Overlay Report: Overlay report includes colored dimensions and metrics like Page Views, Sessions, Active users, traffic, Visits along with their location that indicates the overall position to business.

Procedure to Create Customized Reports:

1. Sign in to your Google Analytics account
2. Select your Analytics account
3. Navigate Dashboard and clicks on reports.
4. Click on Customization and then Add new Customized Report
5. Add a Title with which you want to name this report
6. Choose the report type that you want to create (Explorer, Flat table, Overlay or funnels)
7. Add the dimensions that you want to get in with your reports and their position.
8. Save this report.
9. You can mail this report on your email id or can schedule or automate for furure.

These reports are really beneficial to get know about your business and to grow It faster and the overall output that you are getting from it and can balance the things accordingly if require to improve the results.

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