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Magento is an open source framework which is fully customizable,flexible and provide organized administrative panel. Magento is a desired choice of developers for E-commerce websites for its development, design, testing, support. Magento is ideal for B2B & B2C industry and also provide multiple transactions options, shop features, sites functionality.

Following are some ways to secure website with Magento Development services:

  • Use Two-Factor Authentication: Always keep additional layer of protection before Two factor Authentication. It divides login process in 2 steps i.e.  login credentials should be added and then pass two factor authentication step. This process prevent from access store’s admin panel.
  • Add Magento reCAPTCHA: reCAPTCHA will determine whether the user who is trying to login your store’s admin is human or a BOT, and if it’s not human then it will not proceed further.
  • Shielding Customers’ Information by Using SSL: If SSL will not be implemented properly in Magento store, then there is a chance that customers’ sensitive information like login credentials, credit card data, and other details will leak. SSL certificate(s) should be bought from a verified certificate authority.
  • Keep Store Secured and Updated: As Magento update regularly and new version always discovered recently security risks in software. Update Magento version enables to take security steps to secure website. Updated version also helps in get new features, fixing bugs.
  • Keep Regular Backup of Magento Store: Regular backups of files and databases help when bad things happens. Make backup files on account easily by downloading them with an FTP client.
  • Use Reputed Magento Extensions: Always chose reputed Extensions for Magento to prevent attackers to enter and hack stores.
  • Strong Admin Name and Password: Always choose unique and complicated admin name and password with irregular combination of numbers, symbols & alphabets to save website from unauthorized access.
  • Unique Admin URL: Choosing unique URL is important for security. Always choose such URLs which is not easily identified and difficult to break the security.
  • Choose Right Magento Hosting: Server security is a crucial concern which may overlook. If server security be taken seriously, then moving to a Managed hosting provider is a good choice.

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