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Do you know how web applications work?

What’s the concept behind these web applications?

And how to proceed next with these web apps? Let’s find the way.

Whatever you build, needs a strong base to handle the entire part perfectly. You spend a lot of your money, time and efforts and its direct impact of future and same web applications and its architecture. But do you know how it’s important? And what technologies and tools you can use to build it? Keep reading to discover more.

How Web Applications Work?

A web application performs both front and back-end functions. Front-end or we can say client side that is accessible to users and runs in the browser. To build this, developers work on HTML/CSS and javascript along with its framework for user interface development. Back-end (server-side) that runs on the server and can’t be accessed to the user. It responds to all HTTP’s requests comes from front-end and responsible to store and process the complete data on server. For back-end, developers work on PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, and Node.js JavaScript framework.

A web application’s both ends works opposite to each other and can’t perform and read each other’s task. With side by side processing, both front and back-end build web applications.

Step by Step Process for any Web Page:

1. Open Digital4design. When you open it into the URL bar, then the browser will send your request to the server using HTTPs protocol.

2. Server will check the request and will send back the HTML code the browser.

3. The browser will parse the data and will bring all the information together to build the same page user requested.

Web Application Architecture:

This architecture defines the complete system that will involve the all components and connections of web app. It will explain how front-end and back-end functions will perform together and will build a software or product. This Web architecture will tell you what application you build and its purpose.

This process seems simple and easy, but it’s not same as it looks, its complex in actual and require professional and technical skills to work on both front and back-end development parts. So before going to start with it, have a discussion with expert and build a reliable web application.

Be in touch to know more about web apps and its architecture.



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