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In today’s struggling world of 2021, social distancing and remote working become two norms that effect to all individuals and business entrepreneurs in their living and working environment. It’s difficult to manage all when it comes to social distancing and remote working, especially for remote developers and then “Video Conferencing” is an only best solution to come out.

These video conferencing apps is much popular among the users globally and everyone prefers it to conduct audio-video conferencing online. There are a lot of apps like Zoom, Skype, Slack, WebEx, Google meet and many more that are available for free with lots of scope for personal and professional life.

If you’re a business owner and interested to build feature-rich video conferencing app to enter into the competitive market, then you can do it right away. On this blog, you can learn about video conferencing apps in detail.

Reasons to Develop a Video Conferencing App:

Generate High Revenue: With outsourcing and social distancing, video conferencing apps are highly in demand and generating higher revenue. As per global market report “by 2026, these apps will cross $50 billions”.

No doubt that throughout Covid 19, many businesses impacted badly, but most of meetings and proposals were discussed and handled by these live apps. This is not going to be old with time, even become crazier for longer between individuals and corporate companies.

Scope of Growth: There are various sectors like health and education that are openly providing new opportunities through Video conferencing calls and other sectors are also trying to use it in either way. A study shows that 10% of video conferencing solutions are being covered by “Education” sector only.

Popularity:  These video apps are populating rapidly worldwide, even during the lockdown, people were connected with others on both personal and professional level to handle their regular procedures and to stay connected with their dear ones.

The study shows that within March 2020, Video apps are being downloaded by 100%, increasing rate and this study gives us the reason to build more video conferencing apps to stay connected with others.

Must be features of your Video Conferencing app:

  1. Complete Profile Management
  2. Onboarding option
  3. Audio and Video Call Option
  4. Group Calls
  5. Notification Option
  6. Screen sharing
  7. Join Meetings
  8. Contact Book
  9. Free Chat Option

In addition, you can find more features and can add them into your app to make it more user-friendly. No doubt, that these features will enhance the overall cost of your app, but all you need to do is to build the user-friendly and pocket friendly app for your customers to keep them engaged with others.

If you’re interested to build Video calls apps for your business growth then you can drop your requirements to our experts and they will get back to you with a perfect solution and a price quote.




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