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The mobile app economy is growing every year. According to statistics from Global Digital, people around the world will spend around $ 170 billion on mobile apps and in-app purchases in 2022. Therefore, more and more entrepreneurs get their own smartphone apps. Due to the high competition in the mobile app market, not all of them are gaining popularity.

For a successful launch, it is important to create mobile application that is truly useful and that the consumer needs. But the personnel cost of a permanent development department is not rational. Why would a small business producing printed pillows need a whole team of IT specialists? In your case, ordering a project in a development studio will be much more profitable. In this article, we talk in detail about the services of affiliated programmers and the creation of mobile plugins.

Because apps are becoming an integral part of business

According to statistics, every active smartphones user spends an average of five hours a day on their device. Most of this time is spent on installed apps. Therefore, custom mobile app development is an excellent option for attracting your target audience. Therefore, entrepreneurs are increasingly working with their audiences on different communication channels. This helps generate revenue from multiple sources and allows them to keep their business in front of potential consumers.

The creation of plugins for mobile devices allows you to present your brand even on new platforms and consequently attract new customers. In addition, a convenient and easy-to-use app can increase customer loyalty.

How to know if you need a mobile Application for your Business

Each entrepreneur has certain goals for the development of their business. To make sure an app only brings them closer to completion; take a look at a few. If the answer to all of these questions is yes, then it’s time to turn your idea into reality and seek out artists.


Some entrepreneurs use ready-made platforms in order not to miss the opportunity and quickly get a program on their smartphone. Unfortunately, not all of these platforms are the right solution for this or that business. As a result, it is necessary to start from scratch and spend time and money from the budget again. You can avoid this scenario by using custom mobile app development services.

What is included in the mobile app development services?

Many companies practice creating and managing a turnkey project. In this case, the mobile application development service package contains the following elements:

The analysis of the tasks, the competitive environment, a complete study of the project and the search for optimal IT solutions. Development of the concept, terms of reference and design solutions.

Development of future features of the application. Tests, bug fixes and new tests.

Implementation of the demo version of the application.

Maintenance and additional support.

Publication in the app stores and collection of analytics.

You can apply to development companies not only with a request to create a project from scratch, but also to help implement individual functions.

How to hire mobile app developers to minimize costs

To save money, you can turn to freelancers. But building an effective app requires a whole team of workers. Hiring a separate person for each step can be difficult to find and communicate. During the work, constant coordination is required, both between the specialists and with the client. In addition, there is a risk of running into a freelancer who will refuse to cooperate in the middle of the project or will not perform any of his duties. In such a case, not only money is lost, but also time.

If you hire a team, a full service package to create a simple program from scratch will cost you between $ 3,000 and $ 4,000. In this case, the development studio will deliver a typical project in one month. Freelancers will need around 2 months for this. Furthermore, the cost of their services depends not only on your skills but also on your geographic location.

On this basis, many employers prefer an already cohesive hired team. Although more expensive, cooperation with an outsourcing company is much more reliable.


If you’re planning for mobile app development for your business, then it’s a right time to go for it. Just hire the best mobile app developers to get done it in a right way within your budget.

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