Important Factors to Determine How Long it Takes to Build Your Website

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Important Factors to Determine How Long it Takes to Build Your Website

Is building a website in a day is possible?

Yes it can but will be that your favorite one, no one can sure about it.

A creative and pure functional website takes time, cost and efforts. And while going to start with it, two common questions always come into the mind of everyone:

  1. How much a website will cost?
  2. How long it will take to complete a website?

And both have a same answer: It Depends.

There are multiple factors that come into play while building a website like will you build it yourself or you will hire a Website Development Agency to do it for you. Hardly matters, if you going to start it or you will hire someone. In both of processes, a complete strategy is required along with the milestones. Every process should be cleared properly along with its timeline. This will define the complexity level and overall time-frame.

Which Step You would like to consider?

  1. Hire an Agency
  2. Will build yourself with website builder tools

As mentioned above, there are a lot of factors will be included to build a website but initially you should clear about your requirements and must be sure about it to do your own or to hire someone for your website.

Hire a Web Development Agency

Timeline: To setup your website at large scale, you can hire an agency to build your website from scratch to finish. During hiring, you can conduct a meeting with them where you can discuss everything about your website requirements, timeline and cost and yes marketing goals as well if you’re looking for.

During your meetings, you can provide them your feedback as it will become easy for them to amend the changes and to proceed with further. So overall timeline depends on the website’s design, functionality and feedback you’re giving and the team who is working on it.

Proposal: This stage comes when an agency with provide you some documentation regarding your website, analysis of keywords terms with respect to your business, plan website content and will work on technical analysis of your current website if you have before.

Website Architecture: In Architecture, multiple wireframes will be building about your website. A visual structure will be represented to you with outlines to see this is how your website will be look like.

Design: In Design section, your website’s home and inner page will be designed with respect to various browsers and devices to check its appearance. It’s too much important stage as everyone prefers the simplicity and creativity and your website should be one of them. Make sure about its simplicity and user-friendly nature.

Development: This is where an agency will start building a website. Smaller websites took less time as compared to larger ones. In this everything will be done from user’s point of view like proper navigation, links and buttons so that user can easily interact with your website. Once it will get complete, your feedback will be important for any changes.

Doing it Itself OR with Website Builder

On web, there are multiple website builders that provide inbuilt themes and easy to amend as per your need. You can easy modify them as per your choice anytime, anywhere. But these designs won’t be too much creative and neither can you make it. You can just modify the existing ones. No doubt, that it won’t take too much time to build but it can’t be your favorite.

Conclusion: Your business is valuable and your website should be exactly same for perfect representation. Your ROI completely depends on your website that would be representing your business among your customers so it should be creative, appealing and user-friendly.

Make your decision and don’t wait too much. Just go for it to kick-start your business and its growth.

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