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“ Mobile first indexing”  that Google announced for mobile version for content indexing and ranking of your target keywords for your business. Previously, Google predominantly uses his desktop searches, but now it’s all about the mobile. No doubt, that this mobile first indexing created so much confusion especially for business websites. So you should know about “mobile indexing”, its importance and process to do it.

Mobile first indexing is the evolvement of more relevant search results on search engine. Google always evaluates the desktop version of web page content to make sure its relevancy to the user’s search terms and must be satisfied them.  As per recent results, billions of users use their smartphones to make searches and because of same reason Google introduced “Mobile first Indexing”.

How it Works?

To get mobile indexing results, Googlebot will find the friendlier search results and index it as per user’s demand. So now you need to know the importance of Mobile version of your website and it will directly impact to the rankings of your target keywords for your business. This indexing is essential for all new and existing websites.

Important Things You Should Consider to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly


While making your desktop website, make sure that it looks same on mobile as well. If it seems same, then you don’t need to worry anymore. Speed and load time also be optimized on priority along with the all visual and dynamic elements.

Content Accessibility:  Your content should be same on mobile and desktop version and can be rendered easily by Googlebot. While adding content, don’t compromise with its quality, formatting and visualization.

Mobile Friendly Designs: Whatever images or visualization you will use, must be sure about its compatibility with both desktop and mobile like a responsive web design that is really important. With responsive web design, you can easily access your website on any device and it’s a good option for SEO too.

URL Structure: Your URL structure should be same for both desktop and mobile version. To make your website’s URL mobile friendly, it should be added into structured data.

Get Information With Ease: Millions of users use their smartphones for their searches, so your content and website’s information should be relevant to user’s requirement. This will not only help you to enhance your website’s traffic, but also rank your business at the top of mobile results.

Except the above things, there are many more points that need to cover on priority to make your website mobile indexing.

Google continuing makes changes so your website should be up to date with all the necessary changes to keep your business ahead of your competitors.

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