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You must aware about the most popular web development platforms. Are you?

If not you can easily understand over internet or can ask professionals to assist you. Now the days, NodeJs is much popular among the developers and its quite growing rapidly.  It is proven that NodeJs is an effective platform to provide scalable and parallel code execution feature. So this is good to go for long. It has the ability to work on single threaded event loop model to perform all the requests on the same time.

Developers are madly in love with this platform as it’s too much easy to deploy with just understanding and knowledge about Javascript only. This platform is also becomes a prior choice for business industries because of its high quality end product in less time and moreover it’s cost-effective too.

But do you know how to avoid the mistakes in NodeJS?

And how you can use this platform for your business?

Let’s discuss over here. But first of all, let’s know about the NodeJS first in brief.

What is NodeJS?

NodeJS is development platform but it’s not a programming, or a framework and nor a library. It just likes advancement in technology.

NodeJS supports Javascript run time environment to run everything smoothly in Javascript programs.

This platform was founded with the extended version of JavaScript from browser only language to standalone program of your computer device that you can run anytime.

Why NodeJS is so much popular in Web Developers?

There are many reasons of its popularity among the developers and business industries as mentioned below:

  • Easy to Learn & Use
  • Development & Mobile friendly in nature
  • Fast & Light to use
  • Availability of Hosting providers in huge
  • Ability of caching

How you can use NodeJS for your Business purpose with the help of professional web developers?

  • To develop single page business applications like company’s brochure or portfolio
  • To build social media platforms
  • Messenger & Chat Apps
  • Business blogs
  • Online Payment systems
  • Mobile App Development
  • APIs


Are you aware about NodeJS popularity and upcoming trends? Well its good enough and growing rapidly in development market because of its reliable features – Higher security rate, scalability factor, performance rate and many more.

If you’re planning NodeJS to nail your business, then reach out at Digital4design – A professional web development company to assist you with all development needs with custom solutions.

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