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Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click or Cost per click is also a part of internet marketing but it’s a paid one and very beneficial to generate ROI. Each and every time, user has to pay for clicks and to boost the profits for your business. Pay Per click has paid campaigns with ads. User has to pay for these ads with every click. It’s a great method to get your advertisement at the TOP of Google and other search engines. PPC Campaigns are not easy to setup. It needs a lot of planning and research to setup ads and campaigns by web development company India. Once it will get done, you can earn a lot of money from it. PPC campaign gives more accurate results than the organic campaigns. These campaigns are costly but we can generate sales quickly in short span of time.

Digital4Design has the team with extensive experience for Paid campaigns who helps their clients to achieve targets by identifying the needs and objectives for PPC campaigns to build a healthy relationship with them. With PPC, We setup instant campaigns to generate results that will be helpful to generate a lot of traffic that would be specific to location and niche. Google adwords campaigns are the best method to PPC campaigns that helps to boost the traffic to client’s business with respect to their target area. PPC ads are generally text paid ads that will be setup as per target keywords and user will have to pay for only these keywords and ads.

Procedure followed by web designing company in India to setup Pay Per Click Campaigns:
1. Make research about the target keywords through competitive website or Keyword planner along with target location
2. Campaign Setup, Create ads, Add keywords and bid setup
3. Make campaign live and review the campaign on regular basis to see improvement.
4. Make changes on bids if require.
5. Add negative keywords to make campaign cost-effective.
6. Optimize landing pages and do A/B testing to see which campaign and Ads are giving best results.

What Digital4Design wordpress website development services Offers:
1. Complete Campaign setup as per your requirement
2. Regular Campaign Maintenance
3. A/B Testing of Ads and landing pages to keep the best one.
4. Choose and keep best budget for ads and overall campaign.
5. Timely suggestions to run your campaign effectively.
6. Regular Reports to check improvement
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