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PHP is a server side scripting language that is especially used to build dynamic web applications. PHP includes both designing and development phase for each website and used to enhance its reliability and user friendly nature. Pure PHP is bit complex due to its coding part so to simplify this coding part, developers use frameworks. PHP Frameworks are used to improve the development phase of any website and it’s specific to website structure. Framework are really good to improve the overall performance of web applications. You can select any framework as per your coding needs for your web application.

Benefits for using PHP Frameworks:

  1. To Enhance the Overall Speed of Web Application: PHP frameworks are well defined so it become easy to use to build web applications that helps to reduce the time to build it and also helpful to increase the speed of web application. You don’t need to plan the structure and individual functions within the application. These frameworks has inbuilt functions. You can use these frameworks directly and can save your time and efforts.

  • User-friendly Structure: These frameworks provides user friendly layout  for web applications so it become easy to use by every user and it also helps to retain the user for long time to website that improves the bounce rate.

  • Highly Secure: These framework also protect web applications from security attacks and make it secure and reliable for anyone who is using this web application for his/her business. These frameworks are building with high end advanced PHP technology that provide high end security to their clients. These frameworks are continuously tested and fixed during each web application.

  • Easy to Maintain: PHP frameworks has inbuilt codes that are so light and we don’t need to write additional codes from our end and need to changes a bit of it so it become easy to maintain. Also, these frameworks have shared components to build the rest of web applications and work effectively with database that simplify its maintenance.

  • Cost Effective: Due to inbuilt codes and shared components, these PHP frameworks are cost effective as compared to pure PHP web application. As there are no costs for additional codes, not for protection and maintenance of web application.

  • Perform Unit Testing Effectively:  These frameworks can easily perform unit testing of individual components and units for any web application. They help to run units test fast with coding assistance to run web applications easily.

Here below I have shared PHP Frameworks –

✔ Laravel

✔ CakePHP

✔ CodeIgnitor

✔ Zend


✔ Symfony

✔ Core PHP

✔ Angualr.js

✔ React.js

✔ Vue.js

✔ Express.Js

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