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Magento is a widely used, rich and professional open source e-commerce solution which offers flexibility, control, content, functionality to businessman for their eCommerce online store. This highly evolved CMS has captured about 25% of the online business market.


Content Marketing: Create and distribute different types of content like blogs, product images, videos, articles to encouragepeople to visit e-store and purchase are some ideal ways to promotee-commerce website.

Here are some points which help promoting business from content marketing

  • Create professional looking and call-to action buttons
  • Create interactive content like quizzes etc
  • Add images & videos to describe your products
  • Content must be linked to offered product etc…
  • Social Media platforms should be used: Promoting business on social media platforms can help in enhance business by reaching to customers effectively. Create personalised profile page and link content to products and share. Also sharing high quality videos related to business can drive attention more quickly. Just make sure you add link of product page to video’s description.
  • Email Marketing: An effective mail marketing can help in boosting your brand awareness among potential as well as new customers. It’s an incredible marketing technique that can help in expanding subscriber’s list and also can re-engage older customer who haven’t visited your site from a while.
  • Get high rank on SERPS: Magento comes with a plenty of SEO-driven capabilities, so it become easy to optimize website for better ranking and visibility. A great content with better SEO powered by Magento can enhance the visibility of your ecommerce business on Google or other popular search engines.
  • Multiple Store Management: Running & Managing online business 24*7 become stress free with Magento. You can easily setup your store with a single admin along with the individual product catalogue.
  • Security: Magento is very secure, if server is running on a separate system still the information of your online store . records, transactions are completely private with no third party access.
  • Robust & Capacious: Single platform of Magento has capability of supporting upto 5 lacs of products and thousands of orders in a single hour. This helps in growth of the website by maintaining space between carts.
  • Mobile Friendly: Magento is mobile friendly too as it allows integration across multiple devices to work efficiently on smartphones, iPads, Tabs etc.

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