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Today internet is gone so viral along with its advantages and disadvantages. You can make posts, videos, photos viral in few seconds either its positive or negative one. Online reputation management comes to remove this negativity or to mitigate its effects on business or individuals. Professionals get engaged with ORM to improve their business reputation. Overall, It is the process to improve the overall reputation of your business among the search engines or search results. With these strategies, you can ensure yourself about your business. This is not specific to business only, it could be used for individuals as well. Mostly it happens due to competitors. These reputation management strategies helps to improve your business online though your tough competitors. It helps to drive a positive reputation of business or individual and about their services among their target audience.

Online reputation is used either to enhance the reputation of business or to improve it by removing the negative comments or complaints. You can’t remove them everytime but you can move them back using SEO strategies among the search results. The appearance of negative comments or complaints along the search engines effect the business sales and to improve it Online reputation management strategies is used. You can increase the positive links to search results by using social media and can update them on regular basis to push down the negative links from the search results if they’re not feasible to remove.

To build your positive reputation or to remove the negativity about yourself or your business, Initially you can start with the following steps:

1.  Create social accounts with the name of yours or your business
2.  Be active on search engines and social media to interact with users
3. Create Blog and do post content regularly about your business or yourself

4. Update content on social channels on regular basis

5. Connect with your target audience regularly and do communicate with them about your business or services

6. Regular content updation(Should be generic and unique)

7. Keep your online achievements and discussions up to date.

8. Try to remove the negative reviews if you have any or try to push them from the search results.

You can improve the reputation of your business or yourself using the above strategies. It will also helps to boost the traffic to your business and to gain insights for it to build sales.

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