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Now the days, SEO is really important to grow your business effectively and to enhance its visibility among the search engines to generate revenue. There are a lot of factors that we should know in advance to get the effective results. Google is updating their strategy on the regular basis to get the generic customers and this time Google is focusing on the mobile and other factors especially that are related to speed.

Each and every marketer has responsibility to follow the latest SEO and Google trends to get the exact results that they are looking for by implementing the same.

So it’s time to get know about these factors to improve the overall results in 2019:
1. Mobile Websites: Mobile search terms are more important than the web searches as now Google is considering the mobile results as well on high priority. People prefer to use their phones instead of Web to search something, so your website should be user friendly so that people can get the results exactly same as they want.
2. User Friendly Content Optimization: SEO doesn’t mean to get stuff the keywords within the website content or meta tags. It should be integrated on appropriate position so that the user can get the accurate results as per their requirement and Google also consider the accurate terms and website within the top results. Google also considering the voice searches now the days so that people can speak up as its easy too instead of typing to get the results they are looking for.
3. Local Search Market: In 2019, local market targets will remained same. Local searches would be preferable to the local business that are established for the local customers only and basically intend to small area or limited area and that are relying on Local optimization techniques.
4. On-Page optimization: On-page is still an important factor to start with the SEO part and to get an index your website among the search engines. We can start Off-page SEO but it won’t work effectively till you haven’t considered the On-page factors like Meta tags, Keywords, Google Analytics, Robots files, 404 error pages, canonical tags etc. These tags are really important to be done before link building of any website.
5. Content Optimization: Content is also an important thing as considered as king for effective results as without content your website will not get an appropriate click or views. Your website should have right and user friendly content and it should be clear and easy to understand to get retain the user on your website for their queries. There are many other factors that Google consider and that are important to get your business on peak points. So follow them and get the effective results.

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