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NodeJS is an open source and used widely now the days with Javascript to run it on server end and to run its dynamic content among web pages. It’s used especially to build reliable and scalable real time web applications and devices. It’s an overall package of interpreter and compiler. It provides a run time environment to execute the code on server end with Javascript codes. Also, it’s used on both front and backend as per developer’s requirement.

Features of NodeJS:

1. Event Driven & Open Source

NodeJS is an event driven and open source. During use of NodeJS, Server don’t need to wait for API to return data. Once the server called, it’s automatically moved to next API and events of NodeJS helps the server to make response of previous API call.

2. Reliable and Fast Speed

NodeJS helps for fast and reliable web applications due to its running speed for code execution and due to its formation among the Google Chrome V8 Javascript Engine.

3. Server Code Execution

NodeJS is an open source that helps to run the code on server end with Javascript and helps to run the web pages and content dynamically on server end.

4.  Single Loop Structure:

NodeJS follows single loop structure as every thread proceeds in the looping way one by one and highly scalable to servers to respond them for their handle requests.

5. No Buffering Capacity  

NodeJS don’t buffer any data. It just simply run the code execution along with the Javascript on server end.

Digital4design provides effective server side web applications to their clients as per their requirements. Do contact us if you have any query.

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