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The mobile era keeps on innovating and this become a choice of everyone around the globe to expand their business and to enhance the overall reach among the target customers. Because of its innovative features and greater prominence, it’s providing the successful opportunities to all businesses industries.

Both IOS and Android are in demand but Android is more popular now the days especially from business concerns.  As per current news, Android occupies 71.19% of market share because of its millions of apps on Google-Play store.  And because of the same reason, it’s going to be a future of mobile business soon.

In year 2021, Android is much more in demand and creating high range of hype in mobile industry. With increasing demand, business owners prefer to promote their businesses through Android mobile apps only and this leads to the demand of Android mobile app developers for continuous business growth and for better user experience.

Here is the List of TOP Android Development Trends of 2021:

Instant Android Apps: Android apps are evolving large space of mobile sector and its providing instant android apps that can be use without any installation and login and this provides leverage users a great experience with instant results. These apps have a lot of benefits like no extra space require on smart phones without any system interruption, perfect UI/UX design and compatibility among all Android devices.

Blockchain Technology: These technology apps are useful to decentralized app development solutions that help to enhance the overall transparency and deny all the unnecessary access and employ a powerful security system. For financial sectors, like banks and currency exchange companies, these android are highly beneficial to consider. This technology also offers performance improvement and safety of encrypted data for all the time.

Google Assistant & Chatbots: With Google assistant, these android apps become more popular. Also business owners showing so much interest with its connection with Google assistant. Through this integration, users will be able to use their apps faster and it’s linking with certain functions of your mobile app.

5G Technology: 5G is faster than 4G because of its speed to 100 Gbps and higher radio frequency. It provides great transmission with billion of mobiles all over the world. You can add this 5G option to your mobile app as well to enhance your business performance.

Beacons Technology: For better user engagement, this technology is better to prefer that aids to optimize the location base search using Bluetooth to other devices. With clear mapping of product display, it deals with robust app solutions. It is suitable to provide personalized offers to your target customers.

Conclusion: In this mobile sector, Android maps are highly important consider for your business. So if you’re into online business then you should go for mobile app to get endless profits.

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