Top Mobile App Testing Tools for iOS and Android

Top Mobile App Testing Tools for iOS and Android

Top Mobile App Testing Tools for iOS and Android

In today’s mobile era, there are thousands of companies, who want to improve their business presence in current mobile market for effective profits. Hence, you should know that your business should have mobile presence on priority for your business future.

To ensure your user’s satisfaction, your business app should have potential to fix all the necessary bugs to make it user friendly. So here you will get know about the best and utmost important mobile app testing tools for your iOS and Android mobile apps. In 2021, now everything is getting automated in today’s series and there is no exception for mobile apps. With properly automated testing of mobile apps, you can save both time and efforts that is required to run app tests and fix all the bugs.

On web, there are multiple of free and paid mobile testing tools that you can use with ease to fix all the bugs of your business apps. Some of them are old and few are just entered into the mobile market. No doubt, that each and every tool has its own features for testing and to help you for your business apps.

Automated Testing Tools for iOS and Android Apps


You will get thousand of mobile apps, but you should clear about your requirement to choose the best one as it will directly impact to the overall performance of your business app. So let’s have a look on these testing tools:

Appium: It’s an open-source tool of testing to perform all range of functions for web, mobile and hybrid applications. It uses WebDriver protocols to drive all kind of apps with automated testing without any kind of modification. It’s a complete solution for automated testing.

Benefits to Use Appium:

  • Completely Open-Source
  • Selenium Based Platform
  • Multi-language supportive
  • No Modifications required

Unified Functional Testing: That’s known as Quick Test Professional. It’s popular to make more efficient testing with fine tune collaboration. It’s like a winner among other testing for iOS, Android and windows and support testing among all top browsers.

Benefits of UFT:

  • Open-Source Testing
  • Selenium Based
  • Support of Multi-languages
  • No Modifications

Tricentis Tosca: This testing platform especially used to tailor tests on agile and DevOps and use scriptless automation tests. This tool is specializing to perform testing commands. By pointing a screen, you can write automated scripts. Also, this testing runs the “behind-the-scenes” of an app.

Benefits to use Tricentis Tosca:

  • Use of Novice Tester
  • Scriptless Automation Tests
  • Flowless Integration with Older Testing tools
  • Easily Add Verifications

Eggplant Functional: Same as Tricentis Tosca, this tool can also used for Web, mobile and desktop devices and it’s a part of Digital Automation Intelligence tool that allows dynamic testing only.

With this tool, you can test anything on screen. Because of Visual feature, it doesn’t need any messages for iOS and Android apps and it’s user-friendly too.

Benefits of Eggplant Tool:

  • User Interface
  • Allow Testing of all Objects on Screen
  • Doesn’t require any Messages
  • User Supportive

How To Choose the Best and Right Tool for Testing:

The entire above tool performs well and gives extra-ordinary results for both iOS and Android apps. But still there are some important points that you need to consider:

  1. All of the tests need to be performed automated.
  2. Your product should meet all the testing needs.
  3. You can use 2 -3 tools for best testing results.
  4. Choose the best and compatible testing tool.

Summary: To enhance your business presence you need perfect business apps without any bugs. So make sure to build a user-friendly and reliable one. For any assistance, you can get in the touch of Digital4design’s mobile app developers anytime.

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