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Now the days, each and every business concerned user want his website at the Top of Google to increase the overall profits and ROI that is only possible with valuable customers. There are a lot of strategies that is used to get promote the website and to get lots of traffic on their website but it will work only if you have organic traffic. For organic traffic, the strategies should be organic as per Google’s recent trends and algorithm.  There are a lot of strategies for websites: Free or Paid ones. We can get traffic though organic strategies as well but it take time to generate results.

Every Year, Google change its strategy to get the valuable search results. Google consider the effective business websites only with high rate traffic and do index them with respect to their target terms.

Here below I have mentioned about the strategies to generate traffic:

1. Google Business Listing:  Initially, our business should be listed on Google business page as its necessary as per physical location. If your business will be listed on Google, if would easy for customer to find you. It also helps to get valuable customers at your physical address.

2.On-page Website Optimization: On-page factors need to be optimized to make your website search engine friendly. Once your website will be fully optimized, it would become easy to rank it within the search engines. It includes Meta tags (Meta title & Description & Keywords), Search engine verification, Google analytics, Robots text, 404 error pages, sitemap etc. These all tags will help to let people and search engines know about your business and its services.

3. Get Socialize: Instead of Search engines, your business presence is necessary among social channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,Tumblr etc. to  enhance the overall presence of your business within your target audience and to boost the traffic on peak points.

4.Use of Long Tail Keywords: Long tail keywords are more beneficial as compare to short terms to get users that are searching about these terms. People insert long term keywords for their search so we will be able to get the clicks if our terms will match with the sentence that they are searching for. Also use of long term keywords is better as per Google’s algorithm.

5.Responsive Website Structure: Your website structure should be responsive as user use different smart phones, tablets and web for their searches so it would be impressive to users if the overall website layout will remain same for all the devices.

6. High Quality Website Structure: Your website structure should be clear and well structured so that user can visit each and every page easily. Complete navigation is required to retain user for long time on your business website and will also help to reduce the bounce rate and to get huge of traffic and visits.

7. Understand your Target valuable customers: You should understand the requirements of your customers and do provide them results as per their needs. It will helpful to convert users into valuable customers and increase leads and sales with respect to your business.

8. Create Exceptional and Generic Content: Content should be unique and generic as people can get what they are looking for. Uniqueness is important as per Google terms. Google consider it as important factor and do index business websites on search engines.

9. Google Voice Search: Google voice search become popular now the days, as it become easy for every user to speak instead of typing. Every user has busy routine so they prefer shortcuts for everything. So Google voice search is better than Google typing.

So if you are looking to get huge of traffic on your website, then you should follow the latest and upcoming trends of Google to get results effectively.

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