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Web/Website development refers to the tasks associated with developing websites for hosting via internet/intranet. It is the coding or programming which allows website functionality as per the requirement of business niche. It deals in building websites which includes coding and writing markup.

Web development process includes Web design, web content development, client side/server side scripting, network security configuration and many more.

Web developers taken care of a website development. These are of two types of developments.

Website Backend Development is server side development. It is a behind-the-scene activity of a website. Developer focuses on scripting, architecture and databases of websites.

Following are the Back End Web Development Frameworks:

  • PHP Frameworks: It has been around 3 decades and the most popular scripting language for web projects. It has several important frameworks in its inventory
  • Express: It is a flexible and fast Node.JS web application framework. It offers thin layer of fundamental features along with core feature of NOde.JS. Express features ease the process of creating dynamic mobile applications.
  • Ruby in Rails: It is a MVC framework. There are many useful gems for rails which are library like dependencies that extend the functionalities of application and helps in develop faster and more efficiently.
  • Laravel: IT is a MVC framework that uses PHP. It is a clean and elegant PHP code. It comes with API support and well equipped with command line tools and effective helper functions.
  • Python: It is an interpreted high level language built for general purpose programming. It is a language better known for data science projects and machine learning applications.
  • Node.JS: It is a Javascript built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. It uses an event-driven, non blocking I/O model resulting in a lightweight and efficient platform for app backend. Node.JS taking PHP’s market share rapidly.

Front end Development is client side development. It is a practice of producing HTML, CSS & Javascript for a website. The main challenge is tools and techniques which use to create front end change constantly and developer needs to be aware to update the requirement.

Following are the Front End Website Development Frameworks:

  • Bootstrap: It is most popular and growing everyday. It includes CSS< HTML & JS. It adheres to responsive web design standards, allow to develop in all complexities and sizes. It is created by Twitter Developers.
  • Angular.Js: It is a rich Single Page Application and combines together JS with HTML & CSS. It is bale to build complete client side application with basic integration support to the third party libraries. It is developed by Google.
  • React.Js: It is most popular JS library for building exquisite user interfaces and rich webs. It was the first to adopt component-based architecture. React developers give perfection in the field of speed, neatness and scalability. React could be used server side or client side. It is developed and maintained by Facebook.
  • Vue. Js Framework: It has grown quickly and most trending JS framework. It is a progressive framework means if you are working on existing project, Vue can be adopted for one portion and it also brings component architecture to play and VUe can help in building complete Frontend applications.It also has ability to write code with minimal error occurrence.
  • Ember: It has huge community and ever expanding with new features. It has ability to inject plenty of modern JS concepts and technologies into ingle bunch of ALIs. Ember helps in maximize productivity by either eliminating time wasting activities or adopting some best practices in its design.

Digital4design is an outsourcing web development company who provides effective front end and back end web development services to their clients with customized solutions at effective prices. Get in touch with our experts today to discuss about your requirements.

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