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Responsive web design (RWD) is a setup where the server always sends the same HTML code to all devices and CSS is used to alter the rendering of the page on the device. Google’s algorithms should be able to automatically detect this setup if all Googlebot user agents are allowed to crawl the page and its assets (CSS, JavaScript, and images).


Google favors responsive websites and will boost your site in organic search results when you convert to a responsive design.
More than 55% of your website visitors access your site from a mobile device. And that number will continue to grow.
Load times are better with responsive websites. Without a responsive design, you could lose up to 50% of your traffic!
Responsive websites decrease bounce rates (i.e. your potential customers will stick around longer). Format translation from desktop to smartphone or tablet could be unsightly for visitors without using responsive technology.
Responsive platforms make visitors happy! A recent study showed click-through-rates increase 21-24% with a responsive site as compared to traditional or mobile versions.
Makes it easier for users to share and link to your content with a single URL. No need to waste your marketing dollars.


1. Supporting the Multi-Device User
2. One Site to Rule Them All
3. SEO optimised
4. Better, faster, smarter user experience
5. Cost Effective
6. Improve conversion rates



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