Why Super “Cool” Websites Don’t Make Money?

Why Super Cool Websites Don’t Make Money

Why Super “Cool” Websites Don’t Make Money?

First impression always matters. You must be listening about that but does it actually works for websites to make money? But the truth is not actually. Not all good looking website doesn’t impact the sales of any business.

Whenever you will see the website with good design, it will keep in your mind as design prospective but are you sure about its services that this website is offering? Not at all time or for all of the users. Some might browse that website completely to check out everything clearly and may be buy something not all of your visiting users.

Users always prefer convenience and user-friendly website to shop the product or services they are focused on. So if you have website is average with design but have all the user-friendly features, then no one can stop to selling your website. But if you’re good enough with design with confusing and long buying procedure, then you will completely lose your customers.

Super Cool website looks good enough as per running trend with multiple slideshows, long and steady menus, funky text font patterns, Navigation with hovers that you need to cursor again and again to check something but does it beneficial for selling purpose or good enough to convince your users? It’s true, that now the users prefer simplicity with easy shopping experience.

Websites with high conversions rate are not boring, it’s just they had covered everything as per user requirement with simplicity. These websites have everything clearly mentioned and users can easily make quick choice.

Factors to Lose Your Potential Customers with Your Cool Website:

  • Overloading of special effects on your website
  • Many more CTAs
  • Multiple Slideshows
  • Pop-ups without any need
  • Extra Introductions
  • Awkward Menu Options
  • Detailed Procedure to buy Anything

And many more     …..

Sum Up Things

Your business website is like a container to add everything about your business but never try to overload it. You will get noticed by users with bad effect of your website but if you’re including everything as per your user’s demand with basic design, then your customers will never leave your website. They will always check the things that they are in need like the product or service, they need. If that is represented perfectly then they will definitely try it once. But that product or service is not listed properly, then you won’t get converted it.

So whenever you plan for your website, must focus on your customer’s requirement. Think like your customers and design your website accordingly. Provide everything on your website with user-friendly nature.

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