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Planning to choose the best development platform for your business website like Wix or WordPress?

There are a lot of platforms that you can use to design and develop your business website but Wix and WordPress are best to develop custom designs and yet cost-effective as well. WordPress comes with a lot of additional features on advanced level along with its CMS feature and it’s a prior choice of almost developers and business owners. And Wix is also good enough to offer custom development services to their clients. But the question is that which one is best to get your business website?

Let’s discuss in brief for better understanding about these platforms.

WordPress is a CMS platform that were founded to build business blogs on high scale but now it’s good enough to develop business websites and ecommerce websites as well. And Wix is a website builder that helps to develop an easy website using inbuilt modules.

These both platforms are much equal because of their below features:

Easy to Customize and Use – It might be difficult to develop a website especially for people, who don’t have knowledge about coding. With these customized platforms, we can easily develop websites without any technical experience.

Flexible and Fully Customized Platform – With these platforms, you can easily customize your websites as per desires and requirements.

With Wix, you can get some sort of flexibility into your website design but with WordPress, you can make it 100%. But to get basic website without any technical knowledge, Wix is best option.

Wix Vs WordPress Development Platform Features:

Wix and WordPress both are the best and reliable platforms along with their own strength and features as some of them listed below:

  • Friendly nature especially for beginners
  • Full control over the website’s structure
  • Ecommerce flexibility
  • Full ownership about data
  • Full time maintenance
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Better SEO score

How WordPress is better than Wix Platform?

Development of a website with WordPress is not as easy with Wix but still it’s a good option to start with a business website as it’s a friendly platform for beginners.

Let’s discuss about its benefits for beginners:

  • Complete control over website’s design & Functionality
  • Feature to include ecommerce functionality using plugins
  • Complete ownership of data
  • High rate of security and full maintenance
  • Cost-effective platform
  • SEO friendly platform

Wrap up Words

If you’re planning for basic website without any need of ownership and flexibility, then you don’t need to overthink and just go for Wix. But if you really want a fully flexible, reliable and advanced level business website, then WordPress is good enough to go with.

If you’re picking up the WordPress and looking for assistance with development tasks, then be in touch with Digital4design – Reputable and professional WordPress Development Company to assist you with your WordPress needs.

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