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Yii Framework is an open source PHP framework, component based MVC architecture and developing with YII code is written in an Object Oriented Fashion. Basic understanding of OOP is required. And this framework has several features which help to boost the website performance as compared to other frameworks. It also provides desire & Professional features to create robust projects rapidly.

Therefore, YII is suitable for all kinds of customized Web Applications –  be it forums, CMS, restful services, portal and so on…

Benefits of YII Framework Development:

  • Easy to Install: Installation is very easy and handled by using composer. Yii Modules are best described as mini-applications which reside inside your main application.
  • Utilizes modern Technology: IT is a purely OOP Framework and takes advantage of PHP’s advanced features. The process of publishing extensions is as easy as creating own hosting, code at Github. YII also allows defining aliases to help simplify namespace.
  • Encourages Testing: Co deception is a PHP testing framework that helps in simplifying  the process of creating unit, functional and acceptance tests for application.
  • Security: Security is major part in developing any website & application. YII comes with security application which exposes various methods to assist in creating secured application.

Methods are:

  • Password Validation
  • Generate password Hash
  • Generate Random Key

Take less Development Time: YII Framework has its libraries and extensions to perform various functions along with embedded codes and you can easily use them for your customized web applications, you don’t need to write any code in addition from your end and just because of same reason it took less time to develop small and large scale applications without any coding error.

At Digital4design, we offer proficient Web development services along with latest technology frameworks like AngularJs, Zend, React, Node and especially YII Development framework to our clients as per their needs and deeds within their budget with customized solutions. Give us a chance to work with you and we will be happy to assist you.


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